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Bobby R. Woodall

Outstanding at its best! Between the stirrups and the saddle, Bobby Woodall brilliantly weaves a web of history, war, romance and intrigued. You will not be able to put this book down!

~ Karen Vance Hammond, author of Shoe Marks


Mercer's Manor
has Dan Mercer leading a cast of strong male characters through their paces. Mercer's an ex-soldier from Andersonville Prison, trying to forge a new life for himself against tough odds. Mr. Woodall's descriptions paint a vivid picture of the harsh realities of the post Civil War era and Mercer is indeed a memorable hero in the best Western tradition.

~ Shannah Biondine, Past President of Los Angeles chapter of RWA LA, California


Mercer's Manor is a true-to-life Civil war era western.

It is a unique blend of an ex-Union officer's struggle to overcome atrocities of being a prisoner of war at Andersonville Prison, made more difficult from the harsh realities of post-war survival. Atrocities inflicted on him that will forever be engraved into the main characters mind, (Dan Mercer) as he searches out a new way of life on the untamed plains. The elements of Oklahoma's furious climate were realistically brought to life throughout the story. As did the action packed battles against Indians and society.

The Author talents kept the story flowing with events and details, which held this readers mind constantly desiring to know what was about to unfold in this romantic/western.

The writer satisfies us with a true love that can stand the test of time and the constant torment of separation, while nobly helping a Widow's attempts to survive. Even the Government's betrayal request would not quench the passion for a lost love.

An excellent romantic, action-packed western.

~ James Chancellor


This is the first Western novel I ever read. I grew up in a house full of my dad's Westerns, but I never read them because I thought they would be boring. “Mercer's Manor” is anything but boring. The story of Dan Mercer, a Civil War veteran who endured a hellish prison camp, moves along at a brisk pace. He rescues the beautiful Glory B. Stahl, and together they stumble upon the Abernathy ranch. Marg Abernathy is a widow raising a half-grown son and twin daughters. Dan quickly finds himself at home, but one morning Glory disappears. As Marg's son Larry grows and makes Dan a partner in the ranch, the old Abernathy place becomes Mercer Manor. As suddenly as Glory disappeared, Dan gets a chance to see her again. Will he find her before it's too late?

Woodall tells a great story and tells it well. He knows his 19th century history like the back of his hand and brings it beautifully to life in this Western novel.

~ Erin O’Riordan


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