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Title: Ancient Canada
Author: Clinton Festa
In this epic tale, two sisters are exiled from their native land. The mythological world of Ancient Canada may be unlike anything you’ve read in a thousand years.
Title: Ashes in the Grave [The Restless - Book 1]
Author: Will Molinar
After the events of Shadows in the Dust, the land has spent the last five years rebuilding after the devastation left in the vampire Ravenholt’s wake. Into this vacuum steps an even greater threat in the form of wight lord, Hector Brightblade.
Title: Atlantean Echoes (Book 2)
Author: Paula Bates
Description: In the aftermath of the fall of Atlantis, High Priestess Tameri and High Priest Kahotep make their way to Khem (ancient Egypt) and reestablish their homeland and religious rituals in the midst of an alien culture.
Title: The Atlantean Legacy (Book 1)
Author: Paula Bates
Description: Akana, a priestess in the Temple of the Great Goddess, reveals the crucial role she came to play at the end of the existence of the mythical island of Atlantis."
Title: City of Gods [Book 3 of the Teadai Prophecies]
Author: Dana Davis
Description: Grieving Gypsy and Sage kin continue searching for a way to save their world. But the yellow-eyed woman hides somewhere in the darkness, waiting, and she won't be sated until she overpowers them all.
Title: A Cold North Wind (Bk 1)
Author: Brenda Roberts
Description: A triad of female warriors bound together as a family, committed in union to one another and to the two males who are staying at home in their village. This is the tale of their adventures; their training and bonding while becoming the personal staff of the Empress of their Motherland.
Title: The Counterfeit Count (The Warders - Book 2)
Author: Armen Pogharian
Description: Adara dreams of joining the Warders, a secret society that protects Eridan. During her field exam in allied Creuse, she spies her trainer Geren, attacking local guards. Is it part of her test? To find out she enters the dangerous world of Creusean politics with two runaway children, as guides..
Title: The Daathar Chronicles
Author: Stacy Reynolds
All of her life, Daathar has been a soldier and a loner. When the Dragon Wars begin, she sees it as just another battle; that is, until the Goddess binds her to the Lady Wanda Leopard. Once that happens, Daathar's life changes forever.
Title: Deadly Fate [Teadai Prophecies Bk 1]
Author: Dana Davis
What do a mysterious woman, a tavern wench who counts to calm her fears, and several annoying adolescents have in common? They are destined for a magical and uncertain future together, as Gypsies. Whether they want it or not.
Title: Desert Magick: Day of the Dead [Book 3]
Author: Dana Davis
Disturbing things are going on in the afterlife and Daisy is the unfortunate focus. The Day of the Dead becomes more than a holiday for this Arizona witch, and her new secret just might send her to an early grave.
Title: Desert Magick: Dream Catcher [Book 2]
Author: Dana Davis
Just when her life seems to be returning to normal, a young cousin recruits witch Daisy for a struggle that will determine humanity’s fate.
Title: Desert Magick: Haboob [Book 5]
Author: Dana Davis
A necromancer, obsessed with destroying Daisy’s family, weakens the veil between the living and the dead, and the young Dream Catcher will lose her sanity unless the new coven can save the girl. The coven must invoke ancient and dangerous magick to protect everyone, but they could lose Daisy forever.
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