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A Phil Allman P.I. Novel
Book 5

by Brett Wallach


Philadelphia Private Investigator Phil Allman explores the suspicious suicide of a man whose life uncomfortably mirrors his own, leading him to examine the value of his own existence.

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   Each of us, I suppose, has had a ‘to be or not to be’ moment. We wonder, during those dark minutes, if maintaining our existence is worth all the pain and effort. Happily, most of us shrug off such thoughts and plod along, hoping for brighter times down the road. 
   Lisa Phillips was a lighted match at an arsonists’ convention. Her long, glowing hair blazed crimson like the heart of a flame. Her resplendent, feline face burned white hot; her smoldering eyes shone smoky-blue. And the tight, shimmering fire-gold dress that she wore on the afternoon fifteen years ago, giving me my first major P.I. case, showed off what warm, curvy young women have been showing off to susceptible men since the beginning of time.
   And I was a susceptible man.

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