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by Anita Capri

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A chance encounter with a past love forces thirty year-old Angel O'Leary to face her greatest challenge... and reveals a long-kept secret that could change her life forever...

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From The Shopping Cart People...

Just then, a woman - a very attractive woman - came running up to him out of nowhere. She touched him lightly on the shoulder to get his attention and when he whirled around to see who it was, he responded with a hug and a warm smile. Then they both got into his car and drove away. And as if this weren’t enough of a shock, I noticed that he had left the shopping cart, with the broken wheel, in the adjacent parking spot. Talk about double whammies!
   “I guess you escaped him that time.” Matt chuckled. “And he left with one hot looking woman, I might add. I think you need to straighten him out, Angie.”
   Matt thought this was all very amusing. He looked at me then turned toward the backseat to glance at Moira and suddenly realized that we were not laughing.
   “Girls, I was just joking. Relax. I’m sure she was nobody special.” ”

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