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Oberon - Book 1
by P.G. Forte

 ~ Available in Paperback ~


Twenty years ago, a slumber party prank goes wrong, forever altering the lives of four teenage girls. Now, as three of the friends reunite, the magical forces they'd put into play all those years ago return to haunt them.

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From Scent of the Roses...

   In the space of a few short weeks, she lost everything she held dear. 
   Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Scout found herself bound for Florida to live with a grandfather she hadn’t seen since she was three years old. It had not been her idea to leave Oberon, but by the time she’d boarded that plane, she was long past caring about much of anything. Her charmingly eccentric father was dead. Her beautiful step-sister had disappeared. And she had betrayed, or been betrayed by, most of her friends and everyone she loved. She would go where she was sent, do as she was told, answer whatever questions were asked her, and generally try to live life as best she could with her heart dull and dead within her.

Book 2 - A Sight to Dream Of

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