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Going Home - Book 2
by Chaya Benady

~ Available in Paperback ~


F16 fighter jets, air show squadrons, music videos, unlikely romances and occasional hilarity are tied together when Jewish lawyer Yigal Cohen falls for a beautiful opera singer.  They find out that nothing was what it had seemed and every character is actually real. But they’ve never actually met.

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From Living in a Book...

   “W- We’re living in a book!” Gershon dropped his copy of the manuscript on the conference table of Benn Mac’s penthouse lounge the next morning with sheer frustration. “I woke up this morning and wanted to scream at Miri.” He grabbed his head with both hands. “Really, I did. And it’s not in the manuscript but my wife is about eight months pregnant now and Tamara doesn’t need this!”
   Esther chewed on her lower lip briefly. “Well I um…I kind of laughed a lot except for the depressing parts. Tamara, are you okay?”
   Subdued, she rested both hands on her large belly and nodded, purposely not looking at Gershon. “I’m fine.”
   “I cried.” Lucy sighed.
   “Over Chana?” Alice asked, reflecting on the story.
   “No, when it ended.”
   Brace looked at her incredulously. “You cried when it ended?”
   “Yeah.” She shrugged then. “I miss them.”
   Yigal raised both arms over his head. “We’re right here!”

Bk 3 - Hezekiah's Hullabaloo

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